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We are providing  Cleaning Services and Maid Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Call Us Toll-Free Number 8005458 From 6:00 Am To 8:00 Pm Or Book Your Maids Online 24/7, All areas in Abu Dhabi are Covered, Book For One Time, Best Easy Maid Cleaning Service


Our staff is comprised of professional Home/Office Cleaning Technicians that are employees rather than independent contractors, providing protection for our clients..Our employees have been rigorously trained. CLEANING AGENCY ABU DHABI


We are your housekeeping team, and you can customize your plan to fit your schedule. Tell us the date and time you prefer, and make a call or book through our website.Within a fraction of seconds we will contact you.CLEANING COMPANY ABU DHABI


The Easy Maid Company prides itself on offering honest, simple solutions to your everyday needs with a transparent price list and no hidden costs.Our employees have been rigorously trained.Best Service and Coast effective maid service. CLEANING AGENCY ABU DHABI


We build excellent working relationships with our customers by keeping strong communication at the forefront of our work, and a thorough understanding of what our customers require means that our cleaning arrangements will fit the bill, every time. MAID COMPANY ABU DHABI
Easy Maid Cleaning Services

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What Can Offer Your?

Easy Maid Home Cleaning Service
Easy maid have dedicated team for home, villa and apartment cleaning across Abu Dhabi. Complete Home Cleaning including kitchen
Easy Maid Office Cleaning Service
Easy maid office cleaning in Abu Dhabi has long achieved so many appreciation, our professional way of dealing makes client calling again for the same office
Easy Maid Window Cleaning Service
All are expecting most clean and shining window, Easy maid can help you with all types of window cleaning.
Easy Maid Washing and Ironing
Clean and neat clothing makes best impression in front of theirs, we have a separate section of laundry, we guaranty clean environment
Easy Maid Babysitting
We take care of your baby when you are busy, they will be same in our hand until you finish your commitments, Easy maid babysitting Abu Dhabi
Easy Maid Party Help
Party makes everyone happy, but sad side of all the party are the waste after the party. We help you to clean and dump the garages after the party.

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Why Easy Maid Cleaning Service

Easy Maid Cleaning Service is one of the top rated Cleaning Company Abu Dhabi. We differ from the other maid company by our major quality of easy and fast service .Our Cleaning service pointed on Abu Dhabi map with pre-defined Aim of Serving Part time made, Cleaning Service with an Easy and Fast Access.

What Customer Say About Easy Maid Cleaning Service

Easy Maid Full filled with most experienced staffs and intelligent and time orientated management we love and treat every location as our home and treat until our client smile to our face. Clean Abu Dhabi is our dream and we will serve our best to achieve this dream with highly professional approach.


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We enhanced our online booking system to serve our customer better and faster .

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  • 35 AED for one hour per Cleaner
  • If any Cleaning Materials Required then additional 10 AED per hour for a cleaner .
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